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Sexual violence

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre defines sexual assault as "any form of sexual activity that has been forced by one person upon another. Without consent, it is sexual assault. Sexual assault can happen between people of the same or opposite sex. It includes any unwanted act of a sexual nature such as kissing, fondling, oral sex, intercourse or other forms of penetration, either vaginal or anal".  (Retrieved January 12th, 2015: )
If you just experienced a sexual assault you have several options to address any immediate physical or medical needs

  • Call 911 if you are in an emergency situation and would like medical care and/or police assistance.You also have the option to contact the police either immediately after the assault or later on.
  • Go to the emergency department of your local hospital
  • Contact a sexual assault centre in your community

To find resources in your community, visit our resource map.
For more information, research, and statistics on sexual assault, click here.