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Help for male victims of sexual abuse


What is ManTalk?

ManTalk is a professionally supported, educational and emotionally supportive group for male victims of sexual abuse.  It was started by Robert Wright as a service offered through his private practice initially as a professionaly led group.  Now the original men of ManTalk have begun to take on some leadership of the group and Robert's role is shifting from one of leadership to that of support.

Who are the men of ManTalk?

At present there is a small core of men who meet for mutual support.  As is the case in all such groups, they are at various stages in their journey of coming to terms with their individual stories of abuse.  They have found ManTalk to be a useful tool and are interested in continuing and expanding the group to help other men.

When does ManTalk meet?

Initially, the group met once a week for 8 weeks.  Over the summer we have planned to meet 3 times just to stay in touch.  We are also planning another 8 week ManTalk goup in the the fall to introduce more men to the group.  The introductory sessions will occur weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm, September 12, 2012 until October 31, 2012 (times are subject to change).

Where does ManTalk meet?

We meet in the boardroom at Robert's office on Barrington Street in Halifax.  We don't publish the exact location because as a closed group, we don't want people just to wander in at this point. 

Can I join ManTalk?

Any man who is over the age of 19 and has had a history of being sexually abused, is eligible to join ManTalk. The type of sexual abuse you suffered, the clarity of your memories of the events, how long ago it happened, whether the perpetrator was a family member or not, whether the case has been reported to police or not . . . none of this matters.  Because ManTalk operates as a closed group, you can't just show up on a meeting day and sit in.  If you are interested in joining the group you need to contact Robert by phone or email and arrange to meet with him.  If when meeting, the two of you agree that ManTalk would meet your needs, you'll be invited to join us for the introductory sessions coming up in the Fall.  We strive to be a welcoming and safe space. GLBTIQ, African Nova Scotian, Aboriginal and men from other communities are encouraged to join us.

What kinds of things do you talk about in ManTalk?

When ManTalk first formed, Robert had a list of 8 topics that he thought we should cover and an agenda for the 8 weeks that would see us cover the topics systematically (see the ManTalk poster for the listing).  By the end of the first evening it was clear that this approach wasn't going to work.  Though Robert provided structure and professional support to our conversations, the men of ManTalk quickly took charge of the agenda and focussed the conversation on their own stories.  They talked about what they needed to talk about each evening and shared from their own stories the things that they found helpful or struggled with.  By the end of the 8 weeks we had covered everything that Robert had proposed and more, and in answer to the questions raised each week Robert brought literature, materials and even a phenomenal guest speaker to support the group.

For more information about ManTalk and to register, contact Robert S. Wright:


Or call (902) 443-0192 

Here is a link to the ManTalk poster (PDF).

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